Trust Management Team

Tan Tee Hieong

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Non-Independent Director

Please refer to description under the section on 'Board of Directors'.

Tan Lei Keng

Head, Finance

Lei Keng heads the finance team and is responsible for CMT's financial management functions and the sourcing and management of funds for CMT. She overseas matters involving treasury, accounting and capital management, ensuring alignment with CMT's investment strategy and its mall portfolio management, with a focus on driving revenue and delivering investment returns for CMT.

The finance team works with Investment & Asset Management to review, evaluate and execute appropriate acquisitions, divestments and annual business plans to optimise the value of the portfolio and ensure these are implemented in accordance with CMT's investment and asset management strategies to create value for Unitholders. The team is responsible for the accounting, taxation, treasury, capital management and financial reporting functions of CMT.

Prior to joining CMTML, Lei Keng had extensive regional experience in finance with locally-listed as well as American listed companies. She holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of Singapore.

Jacqueline Lee

Head, Investment & Asset Management

Jacqueline heads the Investment & Asset Management function at CMTML and is responsible for creating value for Unitholders through acquisitions and divestments, asset enhancement, active asset management and portfolio management. She is also concurrently the Head of Investment & Asset Management for CapitaLand Mall Asia, Singapore.

The Investment & Asset Management team proposes and executes appropriate acquisitions, divestments and asset enhancement initiatives to optimise the value of the portfolio; monitors, analyses and reports on valuation, performance metrics and trends; devises appropriate strategies to optimise operating performance and prepares the annual business plan. The team works with the Property Manager to execute the business plan and other initiatives to drive organic growth. It also puts in place the risk management system for the CMT Group.

Jacqueline has extensive experience in real estate including investment, corporate finance and engineering. Prior to joining CMTML, she worked in a public listed company handling mergers, acquisitions, divestments and business valuation. Jacqueline started her career as an electrical engineer, and was involved in the planning, design and construction of major building and infrastructure projects. She holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Sydney, Australia; as well as a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Audrey Tan

Vice President, Investor Relations

Audrey heads the investor relations function at CMTML, and is responsible for building relations and facilitating strategic communications with CMT's Unitholders, potential and existing investors and analysts through various communication platforms, as well as collating feedback from the investment community.

The investor relation team ensures clear and timely communications with Unitholders and stakeholders through various communication channels. The team engages investor and analysts through regular meetings, conferences and events, and produces collaterals such as annual reports and presentation.

Prior to joining CMTML, Audrey has more than 16 years' regional experience in finance, accounting and treasury with locally-listed and multinational companies. She holds a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy and is a Certified Practising Accountant with CPA Australia.