Property Management Team

Teresa Teow

Director / Head, Retail Management, Singapore

Teresa has more than 20 years of experience in real estate management and currently oversees the operations of 18 retail properties in Singapore. She is responsible for the smooth execution of operational plans and the operational efficiency of the malls in order to achieve operational targets. As part of her portfolio, Teresa also oversees the Singapore Group Leasing, Group Marketing Communications and Group Operations departments, to achieve better synergies for both leasing and marketing communications activities and to leverage on the scale of the portfolio. Teresa also assists in planning for staff development so as to ensure continuity of operations in the portfolio. Teresa holds a Bachelor of Business (Business Administration) degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.

Cindy Peh

Head, Leasing, Singapore

Cindy oversees the Singapore Group Leasing function which supports CMT's malls in all aspects of leasing activities and asset enhancement initiatives. She works closely with the malls' leasing teams to ensure greater synergies and unlock greater value for CMT's malls.

Cindy is also involved in the conceptualisation of and supporting CMT's development projects in all leasing aspects. She formulates initiatives to achieve greater efficiency and improve business processes for the leasing function in the malls.

Cindy has 18 years of experience in retail leasing, which includes six years of retail consultancy for key malls. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Economics) from the National University of Singapore.

Steve Ng

Head, Marketing Communications, Singapore

Steve has more than 20 years of consumer and corporate marketing experience. He heads the Singapore Group Marketing Communications function and formulates the strategic direction and initiatives to actively engage shoppers, tenants and the communities of CMT's malls. With a suite of loyalty products such as CapitaStar, CapitaVoucher and CapitaCard, he builds greater loyalty amongst shoppers and generates business opportunities for tenants within CMT's malls. He works closely with the malls' marketing communication teams to ensure greater synergies and unlock value for CMT's malls. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science (Economics) in Management Studies from the University of London and a Postgraduate Diploma in eCommerce and Marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Jason Loy

Head, Operations, Singapore

Jason formulates the strategic direction of the engineering and operational aspects of CMT's malls. He is responsible for developing operational guidelines as well as implementing facility management policies, which include the establishment of standard operating procedures for the malls to run efficiently. He also devises new initiatives and implements innovative ways to improve business work processes for productivity. Jason is a registered Professional Engineer with 21 years of experience in planning, design, supervision of mechanical and electrical services, technical due diligence, project administration, operations, sustainability and green building technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Production Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.